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So you're getting married? Now it's time to pick a venue, get a caterer, make the invites, get a DJ, figure out the bar, etcetera. We at Pogo Bros love planning weddings. Tho we don't decorate or bar tend ourselves, we have all the contacts in the community to not only make your wedding memorable, but affordable as well. Let's face it, most people today would rather pay a hotel an exaggerated fee to take care of everything. We use local members in the community to decorate, cater, entertain, serve, clean, and ensure your big day is a smooth and incredible as possible. It's free to meet with us, we'll give you a checklist of what to prepare for and can help you find and plan the biggest day of your life!


Pogo Bros Industries knows the importance of relaxation, having fun and enjoying your time away from the workplace.  That is why we have created an interactive, engaging and fun filled trivia package.  Trivia can be catered to meet the needs of the group in the case of a private function, but with our random themes, quirky trivial pursuit type questions and energy, it creates the perfect combination of challenging fun for any pub style atmosphere.


We want you to feel like a star karaoke style.  As avid regulars on the karaoke scene, we understand what people expect from a karaoke host. Our energetic approach to creating a welcoming, diversified and inclusive atmosphere, while promoting opportunities to sing away the stress, makes us a unique business to cater to your event. We are currently hosting karaoke shows every Monday at Pops West.


Got a great idea for an event but lack the technical experience of getting around all that red tape? Well we've navigated the clustered world of liquor licenses and municipal bylaws that may restrict your event from being successful. Maybe it's logistics, or maybe it's lack of funds and fear of risk. Either way, we are experienced event planners and we will be able to help your dream event become a reality.

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