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We pride ourselves on throwing a good party and we will work with you to create the kind of entertaining atmosphere you are looking for. Our services range from DJ/Emcee to Karaoke, Trivia or Name That Song. We will work with you to plan a party package that fits your entertainment needs, for any occasion, from weddings and corporate events, to community events and pubs.


That’s right! Karaoke is alive and well, and back for great times and great memories. Our energetic hosts and our massive song selection will make any event one to remember! Catch the new wave of karaoke. Powered by Karafun, we have over 46,000 song selections across all genres and generations. 

Name That Song

Songs stick to our minds like maple syrup to pancakes. They have the power to evoke memories. With our crafted “Name That Song” game, we test the soundtrack of your memories. We will also work with you to create a customized game for your event, setting teams that go head-to-head, song-for-song, in a fun evoking game sure to keep your audience entertained.  


We have created an interactive, engaging and fun filled trivia package, catered to meet your needs. Chalk full of random themes, quirky trivial pursuit type questions and energy, it creates the perfect combination of challenging fun for any party atmosphere.

DJ Services

Our DJ services aren’t just about bringing the music. What we bring is a party. Using music streaming, we can provide a list of songs to meet any party need. We also have energetic and engaging emcees to keep the energy alive.

Emcee Services

No party or event is complete without a good emcee. We know what you are thinking – can’t anyone emcee? Although there are some who are comfortable with a microphone in front of a crowd, that can deliver a good speech and maybe a few witty jokes, emceeing is so much more than this. An emcee is a person who acts as host of an event, but also an entertainer who “moves the crowd”. There is an art to emceeing, and our staff have that art down to a science.

Beer Gardens

If there is one thing we are known for, it is hosting a great beer garden. Every good festival is not quite complete without one. Whether it be to satisfy the mature taste buds of patrons, or to quench the thirst on a warm day, a beer garden is a great fit for any event.

Beer Garden Package: Comes complete with fencing, pop-up pub/shooter bar and bartenders. We are also happy to manage the details of tables and seating. With our knowledgeable staff, we will work with you to create the perfect beverage selection sure to satisfy your patrons.

Prices vary dependant on event size and need
Event Planning

Do you have an idea for a great event but just not sure where to start? Whether it be permits, logistics, forecasting, budgeting, staff/volunteer management or anything else that may arise during planning any event, Pogo Bros has you covered. Our experienced staff can help you with all your planning needs.


Contact us and we will be happy to help get you started on planning your great event and make it a reality!

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